Gambling regulator Norway has banned a number of organizations conducting charitable activities

Gambling Norwegian regulator has deprived 211 organizations the right to hold the lottery and bingo for charitable purposes in connection with the refusal to provide data on accounts in a timely manner.

 More than 50 of them had a license for lotteries and bingo to raise funds for charity. In general, the register controller 5400, there are names.

 In general, for organizations that have the right to conduct such activities are charitable and humanitarian community, sports teams and special-interest groups. Excluded from the list are now forced to go without permission. Apply for it reacquire it will be possible only after 6 months.

 The basic condition for obtaining such authorization is organizing the annual turnover of 700 000 NOK (or $ 76,690). A license is not required if this figure is less than 200 000 NOK, but the companies are required to submit annual reports to the Lottstift, and if turnover is higher than the specified amount, the lottery must be approved by the regulatory authority.

 Lottstift also said that the restriction will operate throughout 2020. The regulator does not deny that this event will provoke a loss of revenue of some voluntary organizations.

 Recall, a resident of the UK and recognized the accused involved in the fraud.

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